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InnerI Elevate Your Mind [EYM] workshops aim to help participants bridge that gap between skirting around life and really living it.

Our personal and social development workshops aim to help participants become more rounded independent members of society, honing qualities they may take into employment or recognise as a transferable life skill.
Encouraging learners to build a range of personal and social skills such as:

  • – Self Management
  • – Team Working
  • – Creative Thinking
  • – Problem Solving
  • – Communication Skills
  • – Confidence

Learners can target their own individual development needs and assessment is based around these individual needs.

The world has changed. The security of getting a standard education and, ultimately, a job no longer applies.
InnerI has developed workshops as a part of its’ on-going commitment to youth employability; we have developed and deliver interactive and fun employment skills workshops.

Our employability training is about empowering young people with the skills and confidence to move forward in the market place by putting training in place that directly meets their needs. Our activities aim to help teachers guide their students in career planning and development.

ENTERPRISE Our objective is to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise. Challenging their perceptions of what is enterprise is and then by challenging them to be enterprising. Learning by doing is key to this.
We encourage participation through group-discussion, practical exercises and role-playing.

We believe young people should not be blinkered in believing without academic skills and exams they have nothing to offer to society. Whilst these elements are important creative approaches to learning can give young people the confidence they need to be the employers of the future.
All of the above workshops can be delivered in a number of flexible ways working closely with our clients.

  • – Taster workshops (individual or grouped 65/90/120mins)
  • – Day (5hrs)
  • – Set 9 session Programme
  • – Tailored Programme

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