About Us..

Our Mission:

  • To prevent young people from becoming NEET (not in Education, Employment or Training) later in their life.
  • To provide transformational educational support and/or training to those young people.
  • We aim to develop essential life skills in ALL we work with young or old.
  • We aim to develop transferable employability and enterprise skills in ALL we work with.

InnerI is passionate about empowering the learning and personal and social development, primarily of young people (11-25 though all can benefit and all are included), through its’ provision of tailored workshops.

InnerI is for you if your FOCUS is on being the best you can be.

In essence we will act both as provider of educative and motivational workshops as well as being able to consult on workshop structure or/and direct organisations to other educators we have access to (like a consultant). We specialise in the area of Youth Development / Self-Improvement.

InnerI will offer a range of services which bring out the best in all the people we will work with.

We inspire people to achieve their potential in a supportable way through a variety of methods & materials. These can range from workshops; coaching sessions for small groups; assessment tools & techniques and 1-2-1s.

InnerI for young people will be about developing and inspiring their best personal performance (youth development). InnerI for all will be about the above and in addition focusing on professional and workplace performance potential.

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